Our History

Our clinic opened as Queens Acupuncture in 2008 in Astoria, NY. Within 1 year after opening our doors we outgrew our space and relocated to a larger space in Jackson Heights, NY. Since opening, our clinic has grown to be the busiest clinic in Queens, and one of the busiest in all of NYC. Our mission is to offer quality acupuncture and other alternative medicine treatments at highly accessible rates. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring this ancient form of medicine to the middle/working class and ethnic population of New York City.

In 2013, we changed our name to Comuni Acupuncture in anticipation of our future expansion plans outside of the borough of Queens. Help us to reach our expansion goals by spreading the word. The more the clinic continues to receive word-of-mouth and social media support, the faster we can achieve our dreams to expand to a location near you.

Meet Our Team


The Education of an Acupuncturist

Often times, many do not realize the serious commitment required to become a Licensed Acupuncturist. Although New York State in the past did not designate the title of primary care physician to an acupuncturist, there are numerous states that recognize acupuncturists as primary care physicians. Recently, the board of colleges has approved the title of Doctor of Acupuncture and some ambitious acupuncturists are in the process of converting their degrees from a Master Degree to a Doctoral Degree. We are proud to say that our acupuncturists have achieved or are now completing this highest terminal degree, Doctor of Acupuncture.

The education of an acupuncturist consists of a 4 year, full-time Masters Degree program, plus an additional year for the Doctoral-level degree. The curriculum studied is generally composed of both eastern and western (allopathic) medicine, herbal medicine, trigger point acupuncture, dry needling (which is a newly developed term for acupuncture), Tui-Na massage, nutrition, eastern philosophy, Tai Qi & Qi Gong, public health, evidence based medicine, healthcare systems, in addition to thousands of hours of internship experience. After completing at minimum a Masters program, the NCCAOM national board examinations need to be passed before being awarded a license in New York State.