Smoking Cessation Packages


Single Auricular Acupuncture Treatment: $45
Package of 10 Auricular Acupuncture Treatments over 30 days: $300(a $150 savings)
We love to see people quit smoking! We have decided to create this package to help support smokers in accomplishing this endeavor. The ear points we use for any addiction treatment is based on the highly effective National Acupuncture Detoxification Association’s (NADA) auricular protocol. There are five points that are used which have  proven to reduce anxiety, help control cravings, assist with detoxification, address the fear associated with quitting and calm down the sympathetic nervous system. This package is designed to be used over a short period of time because this is how it is most effective.

Our recommended frequency is 3 treatments per week for weeks 1 & 2, followed by 2 treatments per week for weeks 3 & 4. At the end of each auricular treatment, you will be sent home with ear seeds taped onto your ears, therefore your body will be receiving some level of treatment throughout the entire month. If desired, we will also recommend herbal supplements as well as diet and lifestyle changes in order to support the effectiveness of the treatments.

* To receive the discounted package rate, the full amount of the package is due at the time of the first of the ten treatments. There is a 30 day expiration date on this discount package from the date of purchase.