Cupping Only Sessions: $40
Cupping is an ancient practice performed in many parts of the world. Cupping can be performed without acupuncture for patients who do not want treatment with needles.  The cupping method involves placing glass cups on the back or other areas of the body.  Before placing the cups, a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol is lit on fire, briefly introduced inside the glass cup and removed to create a small vacuum effect when placed on the skin.  The vacuum, created by the cooling of the hot air and gases inside the cup, draws the skin into the cup and creates a seal.  If oil has been applied, the cups can be moved around the patient's body along the muscles, meridians or at specific points. Cupping can be used to alleviate pain, detoxify the body, to help “release” a cold, cough or fever from the body or for use with improving fertility results.